"Olympic Mountain Views" 20" x 16" Acrylic on Canvas. 


Prints are copies of the original image. 

If you would like any print larger than the options offered, private message me in the chat box to discuss sizing! 


You know when it has just finished raining, the sun comes out, and it is right before sunset, that golden hour? Everything is dripping in color and magic. This is an evening in washington, a perfect moment when birds are chirping their last songs before the sun begins its decent. 

This collection of work is inspired by my love for nature and where I live in the pacific northwest. I love experimenting with colors, textures, mediums, and different paints to play with techniques and find new effects. Light and Water are two things that fascinate and inspire me greatly. Light is what creates that vast colors we see and I love to play and paint and imagine each ray of light in different bright colors. 

Olympic Mountain Views Paper Print