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My First Solo Show!

March has been a very exciting month because I just had my first solo show! I was given the amazing honor and opportunity to have a show for First Friday at Ish Vintage in downtown Bremerton! I have had pieces in art walks in the past but never a show of my own, until now! This art walk felt like such a fantastic beginning to what i know will be an even more exciting future. This art walk also gave me the motivation to FINALLY finish my Puget Sound Depths series of Octopi. After I completed the first three Octopi, I was determined to complete 8 in total. Why? Well 8 has become an important number for me since it isthe number of legs on an Octopus of course, and it is my future wedding date (08/08/2020)! I had two final octopi to complete sitting in my studio, and this show gave me the final push I needed to finish them!

While this show was an exhibition of a completed series, it was also an exhibition of my beginning. It gave me such a spark to keep after what I love and to keep making art because it truly does better my world around me. So many people came into Ish and had so much fun viewing my work. Sea life is so important to me and my community. Here in the Puget Sound area we are completely surrounded by water and the life that lives within it. Just today my fiancé and I went for a little walk out on our rocky beach and said hello to lots of clams, oysters, gooey ducks, starfish, and some bright red sea cucumbers that I honestly thought were legos at first they were so bright! I am excited to begin new series of work, study new subjects, and have many more shows and events! Thank you thank to my incredible family, and all my friends who came to support me! My show will be up for the month of march so make sure to go check it out if you are in the Bremerton area!

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